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Skin Nourishment: Drench Mineral Mask

25 g



Designed to nourish dry, depleted skin.

Although Ste. Anne's Skin Nourishment Mineral Masks can be mixed with water, they are designed to be used with Ste. Anne’s Skin Nourishment Hydrating Mask. Simply mix your Mineral Mask with the Hydrating mask to desired consistency. Apply to face and neck. Leave to dry. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Use once weekly.


French Pink Clay
French Pink Clay is an ideal powdered clay ingredient in products for dry and mature skin types. Promoting circulation and regeneration of skin cells, Pink clay is a deeply nourishing component of this mask.

Powdered Rose Petals
Not only do Powdered Rose Petals contribute regenerative and healing properties to a mask product, they also have a unique impact on skin elasticity, promoting suppleness and serving as a natural anti-aging ingredient.

Powdered Rose Hip Seeds
Rose Hip Seeds are often used in skin care products for their enzymatic, exfoliating action, as a gentle but effective buff for dead cells on the skin’s surface. This ingredient leaves the skin with a soft, velvety finish.

montmorillonite (french pink clay), rosa canina (rosehip) seed powder, althea officinalis (marshmallow) root powder, olea europaea (olive) leaf powder, rosa damascena (rose) flower powder, chrysanthemum parthenium (chrysanthemum) flower powder



#101170 Skin Nourishment: Drench Mineral Mask 25 g

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  • Skin Nourishment: Drench Mineral Mask 25 g