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This relaxing aromatic heat treatment helps to rid your body of toxins. The treatment begins with a steam, then your body is wrapped in hot linens soaked in eucalyptus oil that help to stimulate circulation and soothe tired muscles.


 Benefits• Boosts your immune system (through increased circulation)• Detoxification through skin (gives your liver, kidneys and intestines a break)• Stress relief• Moisturizing of face and feet• Soothing release of tension in scalp, face and feet• Emotional state balanced by AVEDA's eucalyptus aroma...................................Avoid if• You have un-regulated high blood pressure• You do not like, or cannot handle, a lot of heat• You are very claustrophobic (Note: You are only loosely wrapped up, a spa therapist is always with you, and it is always possible to bring your arms outside the wrap at any point• You are pregnant   What to bring/prepare• Wear a robe to the treatment; bathing suit not required• Be well hydrated before hand and drink plenty of water afterward• No additional heat or exercise immediately following this treatment...................................Try this treatment if• You like to be warm• You know that heat relaxes your tense muscles• You're curious about having a wrap and/or are searching for a simple treatment• You want some of the benefits of exercise without having to move...................................Product LineSte. Anne's Skin Nourishment


Read MoreWhether this is your first time to Ste. Anne’s Spa, or you are a regular here, the Eucalyptus Body Wrap is a classic spa experience and a fast way to let go of stress and feel cleansed. There’s something comforting about the quality of moist heat that gets right into the muscles and down to the bones and helps loosen stiff joints. Many people comment on how wonderfully grounding it feels as the gentle weight of steamed towels and blankets are layered on top of their torso and legs. Since we are all exposed to environmental toxins, most of us would benefit from this wraps detoxifying effect; in fact there are certain toxins from plastics that are only released from the body through sweating. This 45 minute session begins with you wearing two towels and spending a few minutes in steam in order to gently raise your body temperature to a degree that will prevent any shock or discomfort when you are first wrapped up. You will then exchange the dry towels for two steamed ones and then lay down on a massage table with a 3rd steamed towel below you. You know you are about to be wrapped up when the balancing aroma of eucalyptus fills the air as the final hot towel covers you like a blanket. Ice-cool cotton cloths are then placed on your forehead and just above your heart. This keeps you from overheating and feels so refreshing! Aveda’s Intensive Hydrating Masque is cooled down and applied to the skin around your eyes, an area that tends to dry out with heat. And in the spirit of promoting rest, cool and moist cotton pads are placed over your closed eyelids. As you savour the contrast of hot and cold, your face and scalp are soothed with Aveda’s all sensitive oil and an essential oil of your choosing (rose is recommended as this scent is calming and encourages the opening of the capillaries to release heat). The session is brought to a close with a thorough foot massage using Aveda’s peppermint-based Foot Relief. Having your feet worked on helps draw your awareness downwards in contrast to all the heat rising and will help you feel alert, clear and ready for a wonderful day. By John Ireland, CST, RRPr, BA John Ireland began practicing as an Alternative Therapist at Ste. Anne's Spa in 2005. He graduated with Honors in Shiatsu Therapy from the Shiatsu School of Canada and is a Certified Shiatsu Therapist (CST) with the Shiastu Therapy Association of Ontario ( He studied Thai Massage with Pejman Ayoubzadeh at The Academy of Traditional Thai Massage and became a Registered Reflexology Practitioner (RRpr) through the Ontario College of Reflexology ( John also graduated from Trent University with a B.A. degree in Anthropology and Development Studies.