2013.08 Theresa Phair
"I booked with Ste. Anne's Spa for a special day with my sister for her birthday. I was a little nervous at first, as I was entering into my ninth month of pregnancy. When I booked the day spa, I explained that I might not make the appointment, with a baby due any time, the receptionist kindly explained that she would attach a note to my file and not to worry about cancellation charges, just to call regarding any changes. It all worked out...no early labour, and my sister and I arrived to Ste. Annes, she had booked a massage and I had booked a prenatal massage. I can not say enough good things about our experience! My massage, with even being pregnant was the best I've ever had and the pregnancy pillow was amazing. The fact that I could lay comfortably on my stomach was amazing, considering I hadn't been able to lay on my stomach for many months prior, the pillow was heaven! The staff were over and above helpful and accommodating, the food was simply delicious and the grounds and facilities were astounding. The best experience, was stumbling on to the amazing line of Ste. Anne's facial products, I have been in search for many years for such a great product line, they are local, natural and  best of all affordable, my sister and I bought 2 sets of everything! In fact, I just gave birth to a baby girl on Aug. 9th, and I am using the hydrating mask on her peeling hands and feet! Every morning we begin our day with Ste. Anne's!"

Ste. Anne's will donate $500 to Theresa's charity of choice, Hamilton Community Garden Network.