2013.07 Jessica Ceci

"Ste. Anne's Spa has had a tremendous positive impact on my life, as it has shown me the value of relaxation. I have been there with my friends, family, even my husband. It's the perfect getaway for any occasion. From the moment you walk in, you instantly feel at ease. The staff's always friendly, the food's a gourmet experience like nowhere else, the rooms are beautiful, and the amenities like the eucalyptus steam room are unbelievable. It's important to remember the feeling that Ste. Annes evokes during your stay, as recalling it will allow you to escape the everyday worries that life can bring. This can be done easily, as they sell a variety of products that are used during the treatments; so you can continue your pampering at home. I love the diffuser with eucalyptus oil; this scent instantly brings me to a state of tranquility due to my previous visits. I would highly recommend Ste. Anne's Spa, but my recommendation comes with a warning… You'll always want to go back for more! :)"


Ste. Anne's will donate $500 to Jessica's charity of choice.