2012.12 Judy Gregg
"Ste. Anne’s was the most relaxing, feeling pampered, feeling rejuvenated experience I have ever had. When I go to Ste. Anne's I leave there feeling rejuvenated, in balance and ready to take on the world. Some of the things I like to do at Ste. Anne’s is definitely the eucalyptus steam room, wellness classes, massages and of course the sense that time has stopped. Nothing is a rush and it is like you have all the time in the world just for you. I cannot go on a regular basis as funds do not permit; but whenever I can get enough together it is so worthwhile and enjoy every minute of it.
When you are constantly helping others it is important to ensure your well being as well. Ste. Anne's gives me just that. Going to Ste. Anne's allows me to continue to do what I like to do, helping others."


Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Judy's charity of choice, WindReach Farm.