2012.06 Jaswinder Dhillon
I was invited by my cousin as a guest to join her at Ste. Anne's Spa. I had heard so much about Ste. Anne's, but never had an opportunity to get there. Well finally I arrived at Ste. Anne's. Firstly, my breath was taken away at this beautiful place just outside Toronto. Who would have thought that a short time on the road I would feel like I was in heaven. The pampering, the classes, the spa treathments, massage, pool, hot tubs, sauna, the walks, with the lovely gardens surrounding Ste. Anne's, I felt like I was on a resort overseas.

The lunch was fabulous, healthy, and very enjoyable, after we took a healthy walk and made the day so enjoyable, I had to experience this. Since then I have been telling all of my friends that we should make it a all girls day Spa event soon, as we all would have such a wonderful time and experience, not to mention all the pampering, relaxing quality time between girlfriends and best friends at that.


Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Jaswinder's charity of choice, St. Michael's Hospital