2012.05 Anna Royce

I am a Hairstylist and spend my days working very hard to make other people look and feel good. My job is very physically demanding and so I get very run down. I rarely take time out for myself. Ste. Anne's Spa is located 1/2 way between my home and my best friend who lives in Belleville. We both needed an opportunity to reconnect and that is exactly what we were able to do with wonderful food, beautiful surroundings and peaceful accommodations. I am amazed how quickly my body was able to relax and be rejuvenated at Ste. Anne's. After lots of laughs and a rekindling of our friendship, I was able to return to my busy fast paced life refreshed and refocused.


Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Anna's charity of choice, Bradford Helping Hands Food Bank.