2012.04 Jane Dalton

I first came to Ste. Anne's before it was a spa with my husband and young son, when he was two years old, and fell in love! Since then the place has been completely transformed but maintains its original charm. Now it rivals any spa in the world. I have visited often throughout the years and every time I come there is something different happening. I love how I feel when I am there; peaceful, rested, happy! The wonderful healthy menu, walking around in a bathrobe stress free, the lovely accommodations. It has been a pleasure to see the transformation of this amazing getaway.


I feel fortunate to be one of the first families to ever visit Ste. Anne's before it was a spa, when Ste. Anne's was known for it's fresh bottled water! Ste. Anne's means tranquility, peace and wellness. When I visit, the love affair starts all over again! I haven't stayed at Ste. Anne's in a few years but would love to again! You have created a haven of relaxation, luxury and above all peacefulness! 


Ste. Anne's Family of Spas will donate $500 to Jane's charity of choice, The Heart and Stroke Foundation.