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Theresa Phair
 August 2013

"I booked with Ste. Anne's Spa for a special day with my sister for her birthday. I was a little nervous at first, as I was entering into my ninth month of pregnancy. When I booked the day spa, I explained that I might not make the appointment, with a baby due any time, the receptionist kindly explained that she would attach a note to my file and not to worry about cancellation charges, just to call regarding any changes. It all worked early labour, and my sister and I arrived to Ste. Annes, she had booked a massage and I had booked a prenatal massage. I can not say enough good things about our experience! My massage, with even being pregnant was the best I've ever had and the pregnancy pillow was amazing. The fact that I could lay comfortably on my stomach was amazing, considering I hadn't been able to lay on my stomach for many months prior, the pillow was heaven! The staff were over and above helpful and accommodating, the food was simply delicious and the grounds and facilities were astounding. The best experience, was stumbling on to the amazing line of Ste. Anne's facial products, I have been in search for many years for such a great product line, they are local, natural and  best of all affordable, my sister and I bought 2 sets of everything! In fact, I just gave birth to a baby girl on Aug. 9th, and I am using the hydrating mask on her peeling hands and feet! Every morning we begin our day with Ste. Anne's!"

Ste. Anne's will donate $500 to Theresa's charity of choice, Hamilton Community Garden Network.

Jessica Ceci
 July 2013

"Ste. Anne's Spa has had a tremendous positive impact on my life, as it has shown me the value of relaxation. I have been there with my friends, family, even my husband. It's the perfect getaway for any occasion. From the moment you walk in, you instantly feel at ease. The staff's always friendly, the food's a gourmet experience like nowhere else, the rooms are beautiful, and the amenities like the eucalyptus steam room are unbelievable. It's important to remember the feeling that Ste. Annes evokes during your stay, as recalling it will allow you to escape the everyday worries that life can bring. This can be done easily, as they sell a variety of products that are used during the treatments; so you can continue your pampering at home. I love the diffuser with eucalyptus oil; this scent instantly brings me to a state of tranquility due to my previous visits. I would highly recommend Ste. Anne's Spa, but my recommendation comes with a warning… You'll always want to go back for more! :)"


Ste. Anne's will donate $500 to Jessica's charity of choice.

Bethann Handley
 June 2013

"Ste. Anne's spa has been the spot for our annual girl's getaway each January. I have been visiting Ste. Anne's for over 20 years now and for the past 5 years been visiting with my two best friends. We have been friends since Grade 2 and it is the perfect place to reconnect and step away from our busy lives. From the moment you walk in the door and see the staffs smiling faces to the time you leave, you feel like you are being treated like a queen. I love all of the treatments and the food is delicious."

Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Bethann's charity of choice, Friends of Honduran Children.

Anne Collins
 May 2013

"It was the best experience I've ever had. I felt so stressed before I came for my first visit to Ste. Anne's, but I went home feeling physically and spiritually better. I am determined to make my visit an annual one."


Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Anne's charity of choice, the Bethell Hospice.

Elaine Low
 April 2013

"I have visited Ste. Anne's Spa twice in the last five years. Both visits rejuvenated me...made me feel much younger. Also I left with a more positive attitude to life and my family issues. My mother told me that my skin glowed after my one hour facial session. I also felt that I could cope more easily with daily stresses that usually leave me with frustration. Spending time by myself in the grotto, over amazing meals, and talking with the happy women in the spa treatment room all contributed to a happier outlook in my life."

Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Elaine's charity of choice, The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

Angelina Ieraci
 March 2013

"I was transfixed the moment I walked into the courtyard. Easing into the vibe that this spa evokes implored me to slow down, relax and breathe. I shook off the nervous tension with an intense workout after we arrived and enjoyed dinner then hot tubbing while a snow storm blew. It was from the yoga class on through till lunch that transformed me. I melted into the deep breathing all during the class. Then I maintained the relaxed deep breathing consciousness all through treatment of the Caribbean scrub. I have not been that relaxed in many years. I have had a really challenging couple of years and to get in touch with that depth of relaxation was transformative. I felt high. The fresh air and serenity experience grounded me in a way I hadn't felt in a long time. I am grateful to have experienced it and so look forward to coming back again and again."

Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Angelna's charity of choice, Because I Am A Girl.

Shelly Bandurka
 February 2013

“When I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life; with both a very sick husband (major brain surgery) and young child (on life-sustaining therapy), a visit to Ste. Anne's was exactly what the doctor ordered. I was under so much stress that I could hardly think straight. After a relaxing day at the spa; enjoying the hot tub, classes, meals, and treatments, I felt like a new woman - with renewed strength and energy to deal with the challenges in my life. Thank you!"
Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Shelly's charity of choice, the Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada.

Michele Caldwell
 January 2013

"Ste. Anne's Spa is my cocoon in life. It's my happy place, it's my solstice. One of my favourite things is the aroma that sets the mood as soon as you walk in the door. The staff are always going out of their way to make my visit more rewarding than the last. I thank you all for that. Ste. Anne's truly is life at its finest.

Although I am only able to visit once a year I look forward to it all year. So much so, I have a countdown clock on my computer to remind me how soon I get to visit! Thanks so much for this opportunity!"

Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Michele's charity of choice, the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada.


Judy Gregg
 December 2012

"Ste. Anne’s was the most relaxing, feeling pampered, feeling rejuvenated experience I have ever had. When I go to Ste. Anne's I leave there feeling rejuvenated, in balance and ready to take on the world. Some of the things I like to do at Ste. Anne’s is definitely the eucalyptus steam room, wellness classes, massages and of course the sense that time has stopped. Nothing is a rush and it is like you have all the time in the world just for you. I cannot go on a regular basis as funds do not permit; but whenever I can get enough together it is so worthwhile and enjoy every minute of it.
When you are constantly helping others it is important to ensure your well being as well. Ste. Anne's gives me just that. Going to Ste. Anne's allows me to continue to do what I like to do, helping others."


Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Judy's charity of choice, WindReach Farm.

Catharine Harrison
 November 2012

"Over the past two years, I've made some major changes in my life: left a career in GTA, got married, renovated, sold two homes and bought one, moved (twice), moved my 84-year-old mother in with us, and moved my mother-in-law with Alzheimer's from a retirement apartment in Niagara to a nursing home in SW Ontario, where I visit her regularly and am key contact for her needs. Oh, and I started my own company. My early November escape to Ste. Anne's Spa provided 36 hours of tranquility, relaxation and pampering. Most of all, it secured that ever-illusive ME TIME. The games room was glorious: intimate, rich in history yet wonderfully luxurious. I don't remember the last time I slept so well. Your staff are to be commended on their keen attention to detail and high level of skill. My treatments were divine. One of the best parts, was bringing my cousin along to experience Ste. Anne's. It was the first time she had a "spa escape" but definitely not her last!"


Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Catharine's charity of choice, the Evergreen Hospice.


Gordon Stott
 October 2012

Ste. Anne's Spa is a place that left me feeling so totally relaxed and refreshed that it improved my outlook on life.  The serenity of the Ste. Anne's experience pervaded my senses and utilizing  their  top-rate facilities alleviated the stress from my everyday life.  It was indeed rejuvenating to luxuriate in the ambiance and to enjoy the impeccable service and imaginative cuisine provided by the dedicated staff members of Ste. Anne's.  I look forward with enthusiasm to returning to the Spa for my next visit.


Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Gordon's charity of choice, Southlake Regional Health Centre Foundation.

Cathie Gibson
 September 2012

I visited the spa with 5 of my "work-out/book club" buddies this summer.  We are a group of active seniors who live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute.  Our spa visit was the icing on the cake for all of us.  We intend to make this an annual event.

Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Cathie's charity of choice, Herizon House.

Sandy Serwatuk
 August 2012

I visited The Dorset Manor Spa in Port Hope, at the time my dad was palliative and my siblings and I were doing the care taking for him. My friend took me for a surprise getaway and some well needed rest.

We stayed on the top suite with our own hot tub on the wraparound private deck and in room jacuzzi. I also had a wonderful massage during my stay. I remember the food was amazing and really catered to dietary needs as I am a vegetarian. The grounds were beautiful to walk. The staff was very friendly and accommodating.

I know how important it is to take care of yourself especially when you are care taking for someone else. I would love to win this contest as I was in an accident recently and needed 24 hour care the first week I was home from the hospital. I would love to send my sister and my friend to Ste Anne's Spa to thank them for the care taking they did for me. The atmosphere there is very healing, anyone would benefit from a visit.


Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Sandy's charity of choice, The Dorothy Ley Hospice.

Sue Nayar Sarin
 July 2012

My life is a constant on button, there is no off or snooze!! Between my career, children and teaching I never find time for myself. My girlfriends and I booked a day experience and although it was only a day it made an amazing difference. Thank you!

Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Sue's charity of choice, Autism Speaks Canada.

Jaswinder Dhillon
 June 2012

I was invited by my cousin as a guest to join her at Ste. Anne's Spa. I had heard so much about Ste. Anne's, but never had an opportunity to get there. Well finally I arrived at Ste. Anne's. Firstly, my breath was taken away at this beautiful place just outside Toronto. Who would have thought that a short time on the road I would feel like I was in heaven. The pampering, the classes, the spa treathments, massage, pool, hot tubs, sauna, the walks, with the lovely gardens surrounding Ste. Anne's, I felt like I was on a resort overseas.

The lunch was fabulous, healthy, and very enjoyable, after we took a healthy walk and made the day so enjoyable, I had to experience this. Since then I have been telling all of my friends that we should make it a all girls day Spa event soon, as we all would have such a wonderful time and experience, not to mention all the pampering, relaxing quality time between girlfriends and best friends at that.


Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Jaswinder's charity of choice, St. Michael's Hospital

Anna Royce
 May 2012

I am a Hairstylist and spend my days working very hard to make other people look and feel good. My job is very physically demanding and so I get very run down. I rarely take time out for myself. Ste. Anne's Spa is located 1/2 way between my home and my best friend who lives in Belleville. We both needed an opportunity to reconnect and that is exactly what we were able to do with wonderful food, beautiful surroundings and peaceful accommodations. I am amazed how quickly my body was able to relax and be rejuvenated at Ste. Anne's. After lots of laughs and a rekindling of our friendship, I was able to return to my busy fast paced life refreshed and refocused.


Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Anna's charity of choice, Bradford Helping Hands Food Bank.

Jane Dalton
 April 2012

I first came to Ste. Anne's before it was a spa with my husband and young son, when he was two years old, and fell in love! Since then the place has been completely transformed but maintains its original charm. Now it rivals any spa in the world. I have visited often throughout the years and every time I come there is something different happening. I love how I feel when I am there; peaceful, rested, happy! The wonderful healthy menu, walking around in a bathrobe stress free, the lovely accommodations. It has been a pleasure to see the transformation of this amazing getaway.


I feel fortunate to be one of the first families to ever visit Ste. Anne's before it was a spa, when Ste. Anne's was known for it's fresh bottled water! Ste. Anne's means tranquility, peace and wellness. When I visit, the love affair starts all over again! I haven't stayed at Ste. Anne's in a few years but would love to again! You have created a haven of relaxation, luxury and above all peacefulness! 


Ste. Anne's Family of Spas will donate $500 to Jane's charity of choice, The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Lynn Murrell
 March 2012

I went to Ste. Anne's Spa for two days in March. I went alone specifically to spend time reflecting and healing. My father had recently passed away and I had simultaneously just retired from my career. My time at the spa was wonderful. All the staff pampered me and made me feel welcome and special. I spent my time in between spa treatments writing in my journal, walking in the woods, reading and resting. It was just what I needed! I felt rejuvenated and whole when I left. I cannot wait to go back!


Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Lynn's charity of choice, Good Shepherd Ministries.

Deborah Goldenberg
 February 2012

Our visit to Ste. Anne's Spa provided us with the inspiration to build a better lifestyle and to appreciate the spa and facilities. Our treatments were terrific and ever since we have been voting for Ste. Anne's Spa in all the reviews. To put it simply; renew, vitalize and experience healing of the mind, body and soul.

Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Deborah's charity of choice, the
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.

Corinna Wylie
 January 2012

This testimonial reflects how the Spa has a positive impact on my life through family and traditions. Once a year, in the summer months, for the past 3 years, I have shared a our "annual birthday gift to each other" day with my mother-in-law, Jean, and my sister-in-law, Karen, at Ste. Anne's Spa in Grafton. This day allows us to just be girls by enjoying each other's company while getting pampered and re-invigorated. We have always thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to the next visit. Last summer however, we were unable to go, as my husband and I have been struggling to conceive for 5 years and finally through IVF, conceived last June. So us girls decided to postpone our annual visit until this summer. I've been trying to convince my husband to join me as many parents have recommended we spend time alone together before our new arrival takes over our lives, and this would be perfect! But, funds are tight so us girls are looking forward to our visit again this summer with you!

Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Corinna's charity of choice, the United Way of Port Perry.

Naomi Sadja-Makow
 December 2011

Ste. Anne's Spa is one of my favourite destinations when I need to escape from life's many challenges and stresses. It helps to rejuvenate my soul. It is a place of serenity and welcome. From the beautiful landscape to the fabulous spa and excellent service you couldn't ask for a better get away. The gourmet food so wonderfully prepared is an important ingredient for me as well. I also love that everyone can enjoy themselves. 

I have visited with friends, my mom, my husband, we all have had a wonderful time. Spring, summer, winter or fall, every season has a reason to visit Ste. Annes. I simply love it.

Ste. Anne's Spa will donate $500 to Naomi's charity of choice, Sistering - A Women's Place.